Most people think if you work on your mind or body to fix individual problems, you will fix yourself.

The problem is that we are whole beings and we should be focusing on the whole Human.

To really strengthen and develop new patterns to create lasting change. 

People will say.“But you don’t need to use your body to fix problems in your head, just go to therapy” or “if you want to improve your body just go to physio” etc etc

Trouble is, this ignores the fact that your system is beautifully designed to integrate mind, body and spirit to work together to move more fluidly through life.

It’s not your fault if you feel a lack of connection, most of us feel the same. We are hardly ever taught to integrate all these parts as children, when this is probably one of the most fundamental things we SHOULD learn!

Why is dance so often overlooked, when it is integral to our Human from birth, in fact even in the womb?

Dance deeply moves us and can create lasting change and provide comfort and strength in our minds and bodies. We all have the ability to do the work, to get unstuck and change the paradigms that have come before us, I believe we need to go way back to when Dance, and especially community dance, was as much part of culture as eating and drinking.

I know you have tried before and failed with so many dance/yoga/meditation classes, therapies/books and the rest to find a deeper mind/body connection or seek to rediscover the connections you have lost.

I know you are too busy to make a change.

I know you may be stuck in a rut of disconnection and feel like there is no way out.

I know your flow feels all over the place and you NEED a way of re-aligning to your core, to your mind, to your beautiful moving human.

How is this work different to everything out there?

Through my many years as a Dance Artist I have learnt that you CAN find ways of reconnecting to yourself, your mind and body and to others around you.

I know this work is so much juicier than following some of the more traditional dance classes… it digs deep and gives you the freedom to discover YOUR Human and YOUR Dance.

It is different to the open ended structure of Ecstatic dance, and (I would argue!) more expansive than 5 Rhythms, more expressive than Yoga or Pilates, less repetitive than Zumba, less rigid than Ballet or Modern and yet just as (or more!) nourishing, strengthening and confidence building as all of the above!

We really are integrated beings…

Of course we already have a deep mind body connection, we have just lost it somewhere along the way!

Embodied dance and learning creative ways of rediscovering connection literally helps rewire and reprogram old patterns and create new ones.

Dance, especially mindful somatic movement, helps redirect the autonomic nervous system’s fight, flight, freeze responses that we are so often still IN, and lets our bodies have creative alternatives to play, explore, relax and release the deep programming that we have developed and solidified in our Human over time.

Imagine reigniting your sense of playfulness and spontaneity.

Imagine having flow and ease in your life that comes directly from your own mind and body. Imagine feeling lighter, more confident and stronger in your Human.

Imagine a struggle free day… month… year… life! Where you can use the tools you’ve developed to get unstuck time and again.

What do you really want?

Do you want better Health, Wealth, Relationships, more Pleasure, Confidence and a feeling of Clarity?

More valuable time spent with family and friends?

A stronger, happier, more energised body?

More freedom, more energy and more fun?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel so light and free in yourself?

Gain the freedom and power to express yourself as your TRUE self, deeply connected to your authentically ‘Moving’ Human.

Hi, I'm Elly Crowther!

I have developed a deep passion for the healing, transformative and connective power of dance to bring bodies, mind souls, and communities together.

I have had mentors of the highest calibre lead me to discover just how powerful dance is to heal stuck parts of ourselves from birth through to death… And beyond!

Moving Humans

A transformational dance course intuitively designed for ALL Humans seeking a deeper mind-body connection, who want to get unstuck and learn to use their body in playful and creative ways, whilst developing a practice and an innovative dance toolkit to move more freely through life.


I strongly believe that Dance has the transformative power to heal us and create lasting change in our minds, bodies and communities.

A transformational dance course intuitively designed for ALL Humans seeking a deeper mind-body connection, who want to get unstuck and learn to use their body in playful and creative ways, whilst developing a practice and an innovative dance toolkit to move more freely through life.

PERFECT FOR Adult humans who are desperate to connect more deeply to their whole selves and their bodies, who are sick of feeling clunky, heavy, uncreative or uninspired, perhaps lacking confidence in their beautiful human form or certainly just wanting something MORE. 


A powerful and playful 16 week embodied dance course where you will move through eight delightful dancing chapters.

Join your new global dance community group in regular Zoom workshops where you will connect together through movement and discussion, try out what you have learnt in each chapter, discuss and dive deeply into your discoveries and share your work with Elly and your group.

Feel a sense of clarity and freedom to use your body and mind in innovative new ways, to recharge body and mind and to be able to quickly reset your human if you ever get stuck.

Get to know a friendly community of dancing humans to support you and share your findings (friends for life!).

Develop a beautiful personal dance toolkit, an arsenal to pull out at any time and revisit time and again to strengthen your personal practice, creativity and sense of connection and freedom.

Discover a new found confidence to move like a human.


You will learn HOW TO:

FIND and develop a beautiful embodied dance practice and craft YOUR own DANCE.
(So you can finally become unstuck and more confident!)

GENERATE flow and freedom in your human.
(Perfect for people who hate regular dance classes, perhaps struggle to sit still and find meditation challenging, impossible or simply too static)

CREATE beautiful movement at any time 
(without fear of judgement, or lack of body confidence)

BUILD your own personal dance toolkit.
(So you have the power to get unstuck in future and always have access to a deeper sense of freedom and flair in life)

Very Limited spaces available at this low price!

This is a transformational 16 week course where you will learn fundamental new skills for life and experience new and profound ways of working with your Human.

30 days guarantee

If after 30 days you’re not 100% satisfied with the work we do together I will offer you a full refund.

Make your payment today, take 30 days to explore the materials and experience my unique vision and way of moving and if you’re not happy I will give you a FULL refund.

Weave this into your daily life and inspire a new adventure with movement at its core. A course for adult Humans wanting to find a mind/body connection through Dance and Movement.

Here is the incredible value Moving Humans will give you…

Jump in to Moving Humans NOW!

Regular Price £888

FULL PRICE TODAY: £555.00!!!

Valid ONLY until Jan 31st 2022!

Price Increasing to £1222 in Feb 2022

Saving you a whopping £667.00

Payment plans (monthly) with interest:

⋒ £290.00 x 2 (£580 total)

⋒ £150.00 x 4 (£600 total)

⋒ £111.00 x 6 (£666 total)

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Frequently Asked Questions

 16-weeks, roughly 1- 4 hours every 2 weeks (the more you put in, the more you get out)

From week 1! 

YES! If you have never danced it will work and if you dance every day of your life already you will still experience amazing results and learn something that you can keep going back to.

YES! Particularly if you trained in more rigid techniques such as Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Ballroom and you are seeking something with a more expansive flow and freedom.  You will gain a more ‘juicy’, thoughtful practice and knowledge of my unique signature style of improvisational contemporary dance. If you are already a professional contemporary or modern dancer do jump on a call with me to find out if this is the right fit for you. Book a call with me!

This is a somatic/embodied dance course with a contemporary dance/ improvisation/choreographic underpinning, all in a unique package taught with my original, playful, intuitive style and manner. If you love somatic work you will still find so much value in this programme.

Yes! I offer so many ways to ‘translate’ and adapt the work to your personal needs, you could be in a bed and only be able to move your eyes or fingers, I still believe that your Human CAN DANCE and you will find ways of finding more freedom in your mind/body by working through the chapters in whatever way you are able. I have worked for many years with dancers with profound disabilities (both physical and learning) and am neurodiverse myself. Talk to me if you are concerned that your disability may limit you, I am confident it won’t, if you can have access to a computer/tablet and a small space you’re good to go!

 Yes! I am cooking up so much more… Just for a taster: Pregnant Mama’s Dancing, Mama’s and Bubs/Sling dance, Families Dancing, Dad’s Dancing, Home/Wild/Unschooling groups or families, Dance workshops and courses for conscious/intentional communities, Dancing on the Spectrum/Neurodivergent Humans Moving, Building Resilient Teenagers.

 Perhaps not! But then again... This is a tricky one as I believe EVERY body CAN dance and I have taught many humans over the years who have sworn blind they can’t/won’t/don’t dance, only to see them flourish and end up performing in large community projects in many wonderful locations, cities or venues. As with many art forms, how we were programmed/or talked to as children has a huge lasting impact on how we feel as adults and many of us were told to “sit still”, “don’t dance/sing” etc and this can have a lifelong negative effect...It doesn't necessarily mean you don’t desperately want to move though! So if this is you, hit me up and we can see if this might just be the right fit to help you rediscover ‘YOUR DANCE’.

You will receive a new Chapter every 2 weeks and Zoom workshops will also be every two weeks.

You will have a unique login for the Every Body Dances Portal on, any courses you purchase will be housed in the portal along with associated materials, bonuses and our own beautiful community (away from Facebook!).

You will have 1 year’s access to the Moving Humans material as well as a free membership to the whole EBD portal (option to upgrade to paid membership, currently £29 per month for discounts on live workshops and other courses).

Not the programme itself, but you can of course share this page or my masterclass freebie and any of your own choreography with your friends and loved ones. I do also encourage you to share what you have learned, for example if some of the ideas help with your yoga or mindfulness teaching, or your work with young people then share away! Dance is unique in that there is never really any movement that no-one in the world has done before and it is very hard to copyright, unless a distinct choreographic ‘work’.  I am a strong believer in sharing dance widely and that it’s pretty hard to steal someone’s unique ‘style’ (This is not like Tiktok ‘trends’ where huge influencers sadly copy young teens unique choreographies!), If anything I want this type of dance to spread as I believe it is community based dance and cultural dance that we have lost so much of despite its intrinsic value in our world.

I hope you are as excited as I am…

I have seen the benefits (and use them myself daily) and know just how powerful learning to work with your human in this way actually is.

Are you ready to strengthen the connection you’ve been lacking for so long?

Here’s the truth, the world needs what you’ve got now more than ever, and so do YOU.

Your body and mind are deeply intertwined but somehow they drift away from one another over time. Your whole human needs to come together to help you move forward with lightness and flow. 

Book a Movement (Re)Discovery Call

An online zoom or phone call to literally ask me anything about movement and dance, where you want to be in your body and how I can help.

I am happy for you to pick my brains, we can start to make a plan for reinvigorating or kickstarting your movement practise, Or we can talk about the bigger picture and other areas in life you need support with.

Or we can just have a good old fashioned chin wag!

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