Dance Survival Toolkit

5 ways to dance through the 'new normal' and improve your mood, energy levels and positivity (even if you think you can’t dance!)

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We have all struggled to come to terms with all the utterly crazy shizzle 2021 has thrown at us.

And I bet you, like me, have been bombarded with stuff you apparently *should* be doing through lockdown to be a better [Human/Parent/Coach/Business Person – insert label here]!

If you’re as sick of all the “shoulds” as I am, join me in throwing them all out the window and going back to basics…… Doing what brings you joy! What my human body loves. LET IT ALL GO!!!

Join me in:

⋒ 5 beautifully simple, quick (and fun!) ways of authentically re-connecting to your body, helping you to SLOW… RIGHT… DOWN.

⋒ In just a few minutes you can shift yourself to a completely new mental and physical state, feel better, look better, in the time it takes to drink a cuppa!

⋒ These are fundamental techniques, rooted in neuroscience, taught by a professionally trained dance artist and teacher of 2 decades experience, that you can use for LIFE.

⋒ Hack your brain and body chemistry for relaxation, mindfulness and creativity.

Or if you’ve been feeling a bit BLAH, or this year’s just Shaken you to your very core

Come dance it out and remind yourself of the moments in life that really matter. I firmly believe there is a dancer in all of us and through dance we can start to heal what ails us. 

Elly Crowther, Founder -
Every Body Dances

Meet Elly Crowther

Elly is the founder of Every Body Dances where she is determined to change lives, bodies and minds through dance. She is a Dancer, Mama and Teacher, a small-time activist and occasional keyboard warrior; hooked on social justice and saving the planet one step (or dance) at a time.

Elly loves working with humans of all ages (0-100+!) and is committed to translate her work for all abilities too.  Elly found she really began to thrive when she fully embraced the (just a tad disorganised), free-form flow in her work – inviting and accepting the chaos helped Elly discover just how transformational embodied dance can be for literally EVERY. BODY.

Start your restorative dance journey now!

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Every Body Dances is an online community dance project, born from the belief that dance is a fundamental way to express our humanity, explore issues and find deeper connections within our communities and our natural world.

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