"I’ve always gone against the grain. I’ve often found it tricky to accept that ‘this is it’".

Hello, I'm Elly!

Dancer, Mama, Teacher, Maker.

I’m here to help you rediscover, reconnect and play.

The feeling of joy, togetherness and shared love of movement is what I thrive to find and spark in others. I am always excited to dance with my family, particularly my daughter who is already puzzling out her own movement journey.

Along the road I’ve travelled, with hundreds of career choices and paths made, minds changed and journeys left unfinished, what strikes me most is that we do all have the resilience and capacity to change ourselves and others, to heal and be healed and to connect deeply to those around us and indeed across the globe.

I believe dance is a fundamental way to express our humanity, explore issues and find connection within our communities. An embodied dance practice can also be a beautiful tool to work with and develop communities. Through movement we can bring people closer together to examine commonalities of experience, emotion and even trauma.

I think humans are at a pivotal moment in history and I would love for you to join me in BEING the change we want to see in the world, whatever that looks like. Dance is my tool, let me help you discover yours.

Moving together we can move forward.

My Story

When I discovered dance as a viable career option I was naive and still very much bound by the traditional path laid out in front of me.

Privileged or not, the way forward for aspiring dancers seemed to be mapped out for better or for worse.

On completing my professional dance training in 2003, I felt like I was leaving dance as a career. I moved to Cornwall for a complete break and started working in relatively ‘normal’ jobs (whatever that means haha!), but I soon found my way back, first into teaching then performing and pretty soon I knew with every fibre of my being that I AM a Dancer irrespective of which job or career path I followed.  Armed with that realisation, I began to find (often seemingly serendipitously) like minded humans who shared that understanding, I then began to find my voice within the communities I worked in and started to recognise the impact I could make on a daily basis among the people I taught and shared my dance with.

I discovered community and intergenerational work through my dear friend and mentor Cecilia Macfarlane (visionary of the Community dance world!) and my work directing Oxford Youth Dance (which I inherited from Cecilia in 2018 after 10 years working alongside Cecilia and OYD). Since I first stumbled upon this work back in 2008, I have uncovered more about my own body, mind, artistic practice, creativity and communication than I ever did during my training.  I am frequently delighted and overwhelmed by the beautiful results working with people of all ages, abilities and walks of life, and particularly when working intergenerationally; so many VITAL connections and discoveries are made. 

Growing as a human, and now Mama; finding the need to gravitate towards like minded souls – I’d love to help YOU reconnect to your inner strength and resilience and your authentic movement presence.  I am working to create offerings that bring joy back to the mind and body for humans who love to move and dance but have been put off by traditional archetypes (stereotypes) of what it means to be a dancer, or those who perhaps haven’t found a beautiful connective practice that works for them yet.

Book a Movement (Re)Discovery Call

An online zoom or phone call to literally ask me anything about movement and dance, where you want to be in your body and how I can help.

I am happy for you to pick my brains, we can start to make a plan for reinvigorating or kickstarting your movement practise, Or we can talk about the bigger picture and other areas in life you need support with.

Or we can just have a good old fashioned chin wag!

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