Moving Bodies,
Moving Minds

We're here to rediscover, reconnect and play.

Welcome to
Every Body Dances!

I am so excited for you to join me on a movement journey, even if you have been told from a young age “You can’t dance”, or if you’ve inadvertently coded your mind and body to believe “I can’t dance”. 

I’d love to help you get unstuck! Have fun joining in my FREE masterclass on dancing in the “New Normal” and join our private dance community!

Happy Dancing to all my fellow moving Humans!

Let me help you unlearn, play and experiment. 

Find space, calm, relaxation and a consciously moving body so that you can gift yourself (and our future generations) a different path to finding love, peace and connection in this world.

I’m offering you the chance to delve deep into your creativity, to find and develop what you know has been lurking deep down in you all this time. I offer you my expertise as a dance artist, teacher, choreographer and mentor and I promise to help you unlock the untapped potential and unfulfilled creativity in your lives.

Hey creative Humans!
My name is Elly Crowther.

I’m here to help you move. To help you get ‘unstuck’ and reconnect with your body, mind and even with the communities you work or live in.

Together we can rediscover the art of play and expression and help you to grow.

Moving together we can move forward.

Words from the community

“Words can't describe how much fun it is to learn contemporary dance with you, Elly. The lessons are fulfilling, you work at a different pace for whoever is in the class.Your dancing is wholesome and understanding of the limits of the people you work with.”
Alan Kenny
“The Oxford Youth Dance group has been an amazing way to get into dance (for all the family) and a fantastic way for my kids to start learning to express themselves physically. Elly makes the sessions incredibly accessible and fun whilst also making sure the kids are developing a proper foundation in dance and rhythm.”
Ben aged 43
“Elly makes everything so fun and exciting”
Olivia, aged 6
“ There is a brilliant balance between dancing, creativity and making things fun”
Oscar aged 9
“Dancing with Elly is always joyful and fun; her classes cater for all levels of ability and all ages, sometimes within the same session. Elly encourages anyone to dance whatever their level of experience, and it just feels so good. “
Caroline Bullmore
“We love dancing with Elly. Her classes bring out everybody’s creativity - children and parents alike. The sessions are playful and relaxed and accessible for all!”
The Murdocks

Stay in touch

Join me in BEING the change we want to see in the world, whatever that looks like. Dance is my tool, let me help you discover yours. 

I’ll send you occasional updates, ruminations and invitations to workshops & courses. 

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